After you choose your dog and hit “select dog” button, use the pull down for Class Level to Preferred and hit the “click here to change class” button.  Then you will be able to choose Preferred classes.  If the choices for the classes don’t say Preferred – you missed the “click here to change class” step.


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All shows considered L.A. shows, which would be Norco, Industry Hills, and Camarillo, Excellent/Masters classes will go back to the 16” dogs running with the small dogs (4, 8, 12). In San Diego,  16” Excellent/Masters dogs will continue to run with the big dogs.

AGILITY UPDATES EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2024 (See Regulation Changes in Appendix A)

The Board VOTED to approve several recommended changes to the Agility Regulations that are meant to expand opportunities for exhibitors, make an event run more efficiently, and update technical equipment requirements for safety and to reflect current course designs.

  1. Chapter 1, Section 21 – Allow For Exhibition Only (FEO) in all classes. 
  2. Chapter 4, Section 7 – Reduce wheeling of Open courses to one time. 
  3. Chapter 6, Section 4 & 5 – Increase the course yardage allowed for 8- & 12-inch heights (and corresponding Preferred heights) for the Excellent and Master levels. 
  4. Chapter 6, Equipment Chart –
    A.  No longer require the Pause Table in the Excellent and Master Standard classes.
    B.  No longer require a “Bar” jump in any courses. This jump type has 2 bars on it.
    C.  Only allow one time use of the tire. Tires must have a straight approach to them and then on departure.
    D.  Allow the use of the Wall Jump in Excellent and Masters classes to add obstacle variety.
  5. Chapter 7, Sections 4 & 5 – Increase the course yardage allowed in Jumpers With Weaves at the Excellent and Master levels for all heights (and corresponding Preferred heights). 
  6. Chapter 7, Equipment Chart – Notes the same changes as shown in Item 4 – for the “Bar” Jump, 

We are going to offer FEO in all classes.