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    Entering an Event

    You have two choices in entering an event. You can enter and pay online with a credit card, or you can fill out a valid AKC entry form and mail it in.

    Please check out our section on the things you need to do and know to have a valid AKC entry.

    How to Enter and Pay Online with a Credit Card:

    You can now pay through this website for your entries. Here are the steps necessary for entering your entries online.

    1. Create a new account. This is free!!  (DO NOT USE the Chrome browser to build your new account; it will not work. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari will work. Send email to  if you need assistance.)
    2. Once you have an account you then need to login to that account.
    3. Next you need to add your dogs, owner information, handler information, registration information and last but not least your title information. You can access this from My Dogs link from the left-hand-menu.
    All of this information needs to be filled out BEFORE entering any trial to make sure all information which is required for an entry is available.
    4. Now you are ready to enter an upcoming event.

    Enter by using a valid AKC entry form and mailing it in:

    1. Go to our section titled upcoming events to download a premium for the show you want to enter. There will be an entry form inside of the premium. Or fill out a blank AKC Agility Entry form with drop down boxes to fill in. Click on the link and fill in your dog's information and print it for each trial. It's FREE FREE FREE!!


    Click here to see important information to make sure your entry form is valid.
    2. Sign your entry.
    3. Keep the agreement attached to the entry form (don't rip the page in half!).
    4. Fill in every space on the entry.
    5. Please write legibly.
    6. Entry must be received AFTER Opening date & time and BEFORE Closing date & time.
    7. The check must be made out to Lynda Tjarks.
    8. Send a check for the correct amount.
    9. Send a separate check for each trial.
    10. Click on Contacts at the left for the address of where to send your entry.